Honda CB125

Honda CB125E Spare Parts

Honda CB125E Spare Parts

The Honda CB125E has been available for several years and some examples are getting up around the 50,000km mark and beyond. Small motors require a rebuild at shorter intervals than larger ones as they tend to be operated at higher RPM's. Heres a few links I've found to rebuild kits that can be readily purchased from eBay! I will add to this collection as time permits and as I find things. Of course Honda Australia is a good source of spares for your motorcycle but there are aftermarket alternatives as well and some of them are actually OEM but distributed by a different company than Honda.

Honda CB125E Brand New Standard Piston and Ring Set with Gaskets

Honda CB125E Brand New Cylinder and Piston Kit

Honda CB125E Complete Gasket Kit

Honda CB125E Heavy Duty Clutch Assembly

Honda CB125E Standard Clutch Assembly

Honda CB125E Standard Camshaft